5 Family Cottage

Five families can now have the cozy privacy that is rarely offered elsewhere at Gurukripa Heritage. The cottages of these families are not connected in any way to any other rooms or cottages. This gives utmost privacy for the families to be amongst themselves with no hindrances.

3 Family Cottage

Three families can now have privacy amongst themselves at the uniquely set cottages at Gurukripa Heritage.
The walkways and courtyards are separate for these cottages. The amusement and privacy is never disturbed by any other. 3 family cottage and 2 family cottage is the part of 5 family cottage.  

2 Family Cottage

Two families can have their private surroundings at Gurukripa Heritage.This enables much needed privacy and thus increases the fun in staying together. 

Attached Parent Room

At Gurukripa Heritage, a separate facility is in the offing. Two rooms are attached in such a way that both are accessible. This enables parents to have an eye on their wards who can rest in the adjacent room and confirm their safety, while enjoying their privacy too. 

Double Room A/C & Non A/C

Gurukripa Heritage offers both air conditioned and non air conditioned single rooms. These rooms are spacious and are attached with clean and neat bathrooms. With high ceilings and well laid beds, your stay in the room will be made most comfortable. 

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